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Mission and responsibility

The Office of General Education is an organization that promotes the creation of graduates who understand themselves and others Able to live happily in society

Administration Policy for the Office of General Education (2021-2025)

  1. Use research and development (R&D) and self-assessment tools (Approach Deploy Learning Integration (ADLI)) to continually improve and develop the general education category. To keep up to date Consistent with the needs of stakeholders
  2. Use outcome Based Education (OBE) principles or as a guideline for teaching and learning, with an emphasis on verifying achievement at both the subject and subject level
  3. Develop the office of general education into a real learning organization. By using knowledge and resources to achieve deep learning in the way of operating an organization. (Organizational learning)
  4. Focus on building a flow and collaborative network on an integrated approach. (Integration) to create learning innovation.
  5. Cultivate life long learning, system perspective, and agility with management and people.
  6. Build people (prepare people for the core competencies of the future), lead the organization (motivate, inspire, make visible and sincere) and maintain a positive corporate culture. With vision and good governance
  7. Focus on the construction and use of information systems and research. Conduct management based on the idea of cost-effectiveness (Value and Value) and management evaluation by using indicators of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method for setting individual goals in the organization to have consistent goals across the organization.
  8. Improve operations on feedback from students and stakeholders.
  9. The mission of English language testing, MSU-English exit exam and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courseware) is being continued.