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On 28th September 2007, Mahasarakham University’s board committee engaged an official agreement numbered 9/2007 setting up a new office which was the Office of General Education under a four-year government action plan (2007-2010). A year later, the university’s board committee pursuant to the university’s endorsement number 9/2008 enabling the establishment of the Office of General Education as an organization under Maharasakham University Act on 26th September 2008. Plus, the board agreed the regulations of Mahasarakham University which was launched on 30th January 2009 in terms of management and operation the Office of General Education 2009. As mentioned previously, the chairman of the university’s board committee signed the regulations on 21st February 2009 and the objectives to set up the office are as follows:

to be a central organization for general education management and to conduct courses correspond to the university policies along with the standard criteria of Ministry of Education in Thailand.
to develop the quality and standard of general education as equal as other universities in Thailand and abroad.
to promote academic cooperation in general education practices with higher education institutions in Thailand and abroad.
to publish academic paper and research relevant to general education term
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